Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Marks the Day

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

     Here I am again. I love to start these blogs and let them play out for a few weeks, then move them over to a private journal. I always think I will keep one blog going. I am interested in the time that people invest in their blogs. I suppose that is because I have so little time.
     Bloggers, real bloggers, post consistently over the course of a year. I actually attempt to teach my college students to keep journals. Most students don't. After a couple of years, some of those students email me to let me know they wish they had followed my advice. I tell my students that at some point in the future, students will see the value of keeping journals and will regret all the lost information that could have been saved for future uses.
     As I worked my way through college, I knew the importance of writing daily. Every day, I would find a quiet place in the libraries where I could sit and write. I wrote several short stories and a couple of short novels. I still have those works. I never did anything with those meanderings, but I did save them. I look back at my writings and wish I had continued that daily writing, but time has a way of covering up much of what is worthwhile in life. Now, in my later years, I see everyone, everywhere writing and many actually publishing, even if they do it themselves.
     Most of my free time comes late at night. I teach during the day and have to grade and work online until late at night. Then comes the medicines which causes me to forget much of what I do late at night. So, quite often, I write some nonsense on Facebook, then when I see it the next day, I wind up deleting most of what I have posted. I have largely weaned myself off Facebook over the past month. The problem with not posting on Facebook is that I lose touche with a few people who are rather important to me. I tried deleting Facebook more than once, but as a common Facebook addict, I go back. Who wants to miss out  on all the drama on Facebook?
    I find that I have more time to read for my own pleasure, and I find that I can plug in my earphones and listen to audio books by not posting so often late at night. Of course, the last part of the cd is always absent in my brain the next day, so I have to listen to the cd more than once. Of course, I am also compelled to read the actual paper book or an e-book. I suppose I must have some sort of OCD about reading. Who knows. I do jump around in my readings without much difficulty though.
     Well,  I intend to leave this blog active. I have been deleting other blogs and websites that I have played with. The sites tend to have glitches that take away from my enjoyment. I miss the old days when I got to write my own HTML. I had quite a few sites and they were quite intense. Drama, drama, drama.
     The nice thing about this site is that much of what is written is not seen enough to really be a problem, and yet, the posts are public. I am curious to see what develops on the internet in 2013, if it is not taxed into oblivion.

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  1. Ron, I am always happy to read what you have to say...about most everything. Please don't stop writing! I'd encourage you to re-visit those books you wrote. My husband has some, too. I'd love to be a reader of such books/short stories, etc.


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