Saturday, November 24, 2012

The End of the World Cometh

      That's what they say, you know. "The end of the world cometh."
I was taught that the world is without beginning or end. Stands to reason that if God is everything, and if God is without beginning or end, then so must be the world.
     I'm not really sure all that logic actually works, but it is what my mother (RIP) taught me. Many the nights we sat up until dawn arguing about religion. We read our scriptures and tried to garner some kind of meaning of every word. We could really go at it. We never really agreed on much. Mother told me her interpretations were correct. Of  course, I, being a young man, knew that my interpretation had to be correct.
     We loved to discuss serious topics. "Can God make a rock so large, that He can not roll it down a hill?"
"If God is perfect and without sin, why did He create women?"  And about the scientists who put forth the Big Bang Theory, "How could there have been a big bang, if women had not yet been created?" And, "Why didn't God send Jesus to us in these modern times." Of course that was back in the 60's, so we weren't really all that modern back then.
     Here we are at November 24th. The end is near. Where will we go? To heaven? To hell? Will our very souls be lost in the extermination of our planet? Will we pop up in a different form, perhaps on another planet or star? I don't want to float around on a cloud while I play a harp through eternity. That would be hell for anyone nearby. I don't want to be in Hell with all the other sinners, unless I get to inflict a bit of punishment on some of the people who have done me wrong. And yes, I have a few in mind.
     Well, confound it all. Never mind. I was just reminded that it was actually, "The ice man cometh."
Getting old is frequently embarrassing. It's okay, I usually forget what I've said anyway.
     If you read this far, you need something constructive to do. I have been told more than once that I have nothing worthwhile to say. "Now go and do the right thing."

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