Friday, November 23, 2012

     The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen  King turns out to be a great read and an even better audio. Stephen King narrates the cd. Usually, I am not pleased with his readings. I think he is a bit monotone, but that may be because I listen to so many other books in which the readers act out the different voices.
    In this book, Stephen King does a great job of reading his book. Most readers know that following King's books can be a serious task. In this book, King has caught my interest and the story line is exciting, which makes me eager to go back to all the other Dark  Tower books. Of course, once I finish listening to the audio book, I will have to read the hard back book too.
     If you have considered reading The Wind Through the Keyhole, I might actually suggest that you buy the audio book. The book is a short read compared to many of King's books, but well worth the money and the time.

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