Monday, December 24, 2012

A New Star is born. We Call it Immanuel.

     From the Mother Ship,we have seen a new star in the heavens. Oh, we know exactly what it is. God had a creative thought and a new star came into existence far away from this galaxy. The star announced the birth of the Son of God. Yes, again. Only humans would think his birth was a one time event. We time/space travelers have seen the birth many times. Each time he is born, we have joy in our hearts. We always hope that the creatures Jesus visits will be receptive to his message. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn't.
     Planet Earth has a chance for a new beginning, now that the humans are gone. Yes, God created all of existence in his image. Many humans believed that "God created man in his image." Of course that is true, but   God is not a man. The writers of sacred literature are limited in what can be written. As years go by, translations become corrupted. Humans were quick to interpret the presence of Christ, but with limited intellect, humans never could agree about the message. Humans could not even agree on who brought the message.  
     Tonight, we see animals looking up at the bright star tonight. We wonder in what form Jesus will appear this time. Perhaps he will come as a fawn or a baby rabbit. Perhaps he will come as a prairie dog or a whale. We have seen him as a rock, a burning bush, a rainbow in the heavens, an image in the side of a tree, and more forms than we can even list. Tonight, animals are being gifted with thought and speech. As long as the animals are open to Christ, we assume their languages will be universal.  Tonight, animals will become aware of not only their own existence, but the existence of other life forms. Planet Earth will be a different place than in the past eons. 
     The ghosts of humans still haunt the planet Earth, although on  a different plane of existence, which does not alter the new world. Santa has begun his deliveries, many ghosts are in church tonight, and children and adults are looking forward to the arrival of Christmas. In many parts of the world, Christmas has arrived and presents have been given. Humans are still killing each other. Many people are without food, water, and shelter, many people are dying of terrible diseases, but Santa makes almost everyone smile.
     The message of Christ was not received. Humans were not able to understand the importance of Christ's messages. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are seen as a time to give and receive. Christ's message was to feed and clothe the poor. His message was to become perfect like unto him. His message was to pray in private, but to pray for their "just wants and needs."
     I wonder how animals will react to the birth of Christ.

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