Friday, December 21, 2012

Dec.21, 2012 The World Ended Today

     The world did come to an end today, as predicted by the Mayan Prophecies. I am not surprised. Ever so often, the planet Earth shudders and cleans the filth from its back. Earthquakes,floods,fires, and climate changes are normal for this little planet. Humans bring an unwelcome perspective to the natural order of the evolution of the planet. Earth took a lot of crap from the humanoid life forms that infested the planet, but even with the prophecies of the Mayans, humans did not take heed of the warnings. The end was abrupt.
     Humans did not believe the end was coming, and being the only stubborn species on the planet, the humans did not see the end. Their spirits are but ghosts that do not accept their demise. Will these spirits continue to haunt Earth? Animals, other than humans, were not affected by the end of the world. Only humans put their spin on the meaning of prophecies.
      Animals remained innocent, and have therefore inherited the world. On the Mother Ship, we wait to see which species will now become dominant. We also wait to observe what will change with the creatures that have been dependent on humans.
      What will become of dogs that have been so closely connected to humans? What about cute little kitties? Dogs have been loving and loyal to humans. Cats have been more like humans in many ways. We must watch for changes.
      Ants seem to be oblivious to the existence of humans and are more apt to continue in spite of the absence of humans. Ants were able to carve out the canals of Mars and lived successfully on Mars, until the arrival of Earthlings who used chemicals to shrink the ant species. We wonder if Ants will be able to grow once again to the size they enjoyed on Mars. Regardless of their size, ants do remain stable within their societies.
     New World /Day 2


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