Sunday, December 23, 2012

No Need for Abortions Since the World Was Destroyed

     Population control will be simpler since the destruction of the world. Humans were not able to control their population explosion. Oh, they tried, but the biological needs for immediate gratification destined the race to extinction. The more the humans reproduced, the greater the need for food products and transportation. The world will get along fine without over production of food crops and animals. Now, the cows will be able to live and die as God intended. Hogs will be able to root around in the fields without being chased by crazed men and women who enjoy the chase and killing of the innocent animals. Chickens can roam free and peck away at gravel. Little chicks will not have their poop squeezed out of their butts by humans. Little chicks will not be killed for being born the wrong sex. Now, chickens can live out their lives without being cooped up in pens with thousands of other chickens.
     Population control is no longer an issue for the human race. No more abortions, no more botched abortions, no more finding ways to prevent humans from reproducing. It's all okay though. The spirits of humans are at one with God now. God can handle any size population, and the physical need to reproduce is no longer relevant. I am not too sure how humans will react to not having  the intense emotion of sex. I suppose many will feel that they are in hell. I would love to hear the sex talk in the presence of God. After all, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit obviously have no need for sex.

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