Sunday, December 23, 2012

Poor Doggies

      Up here on the Mother Ship, we have been a bit amused at the little dogs and puppies that are running around looking for their masters. With humans gone, the poor doggies are all confused about the absence of the people who fed and played with them day-after-day. Oh, my goodness, all over the world, dogs are howling to be fed. The mutts need to get outside to poo and pee, but most can not get out of their homes.
We may need to zap holes in the front doors so the dogs can get outside. Surely, by now, they are eager to explore their neighborhoods in an attempt to find out where the people went.
     We are concerned about the emotional distress of dogs when they have no humans to love. God assures us that he has it under control. In the  recent years, tv and internet have shown the extremes that dogs go to in order to save one another from disasters. Dogs love unconditionally. We think their love will simply transfer to other creatures. Of course, many will resort to eating other animals. We have seen what happened to humans for eating other creatures. Perhaps dogs will become vegetarians.

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