Sunday, December 23, 2012

The North Pole

     The North Pole is forever changed with the destruction of the world. Santa and his wife are gone. We, on the Mother Ship, have seen that the miracle of Christmas is safe. The Elves,  not exactly being humans, have been saved due to their unswerving devotion to spreading good cheer. They live on in a cleansed world where they will continue to produce exciting new gifts for all the life that remains. Dogs and cats will go right on receiving delightful toys with which to entertain themselves and each other. The reindeer will continue to pull the Christmas sleigh in order to deliver presents to all living creatures. A new appreciation for life will  expand the need for more creativity because even rocks, and grass, and rivers, and lakes, and all forms of animate and inanimate forms of life, of creation, will be gifted with the love of God. Even a rock kissed by the sweet lips of God takes on a special shine that brings forth a great beauty.
     The ghosts that haunt the cleansed Earth will celebrate this Christmas as usual, but they do so as mists of their former selves. They will eventually accept their demise and will cross over into the light of God. The North Pole will survive many more winters before it becomes a land covered with the beauty of plants. The flowers will bloom in what is a land of ice for now. Perhaps the penguins will learn the dance of "Happy Feet," perhaps the penguins will become the higher life form of Earth. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a scarecrow became ruler for awhile.

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