Sunday, December 23, 2012

Which of God's Creations Should be Next?

     Now that the world has been destroyed as predicted in prophecies, we on the Mother Ship are considering alternatives for new worldly leaders. People from Planet #4768.92 say that we should leave Earth as it is for a few million years. Their thinking is that a few million years is only a blink of the eye of God, but the creatures from Planet #76847.004 argue that most of us are eager to see how Planet Earth renews itself based upon the new role model that will be allowed to populate the world.
     Most of us here on the Mother Ship have experienced life on the Earth. I lived as pond scum for a brief time, but although I enjoyed the pond, I was not too fond of the little bugs that constantly swam about my world. Life as pond scum was never exciting, but the end of that life came as humans desecrated my world with all sorts of pollution. I do remember the feel of a catfish burrowing into my scummy little world. The slick skin of the creature was pleasantly warm. I tended to be cold through most of that life. Summers were not particularly pleasant because of all the many creatures that swam in and out of my scum. When the drought came,  the pond became too warm and the sun light baked many of my little friends, who I did enjoy playing in my little world. The pond dried up more each day. I fainted many times due to dehydration, but then a gentle rain would revive me. I knew my time was short, but I enjoyed each day. The nights were long due to the lack of light. As the pond dried up, I began to dream of being on the bottom of a great sea, not one that would be void of light. I had no desire to be at the bottom of an ocean. Even pond scum knows that light is God. I realize that the oceans must have a bottom, but I don't think I could be happy in the deep recesses of the black oceans. Perhaps I might try being one of those weird looking fish that glows in the dark waters. Turning that glow off and on might be incredibly exciting. On the other hand, if God is light, then turning off and on many not be so brilliant.

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