Sunday, April 14, 2013

Comes what may

Comes the morning and I lose control.
People say live one day at a time.
What else can we do?
Get up and move from point A to point B.

Comes the late night and I take the meds.
People say to retire early and to get up early.
I've done that when life demanded it.
Now, I control the night.

Comes the sleep and I am in a different world.
People say dreams are but combination of our day.
I don't think so.
Dreams are unique and more exciting than my days.

Comes the end and I welcome it.
People say to look forward to heaven.
Some say I'll reside in hell.
I doubt neither will be the case.

I've been in hell; it's no big deal.
People say to live a good life.
I tried that for many years.
I think it was all a big joke.

I've been good,
And I've been bad.
Karma kicks butt,
And never stops.

Comes the next life,
I'll be a dragon.
I'll be big and green.
I'll breathe fire.

Or, perhaps a worm,
Crawling through the earth,
Eating dirt all through the day,
And pooping dirt all through the night.

And if there is a god,
We will sit and chat.
He will set me straight,
Or She will punish me yet more.

Time is a blanket,
That covers all.
All that is,
Will be no more.

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