Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Semester Ending

The Spring Semester Finals have begun. This is the last week of our Spring Semester.  All grades must be submitted by next Monday. This will be a busy week. Today Shelby gets her cataracts checked. Wednesday, I get a cracked tooth repaired. Today is Pat's last class. The yearly banquet is Thursday night, followed by the Nurses' Pinning Ceremony at which Pat plays the piano. Then the weekend brings the last stretch of submitting grades and grade books. The next step will be to move out of Pat's office. I expect that to be a very emotional time for Pat. Having taught for 42 years, then retiring all at once will be hard on Pat. I worry about how she will react. I guess I will be teaching both Summer Semesters, and I am scheduled for four classes in the Fall, but Texas is about to institute some major changes to higher education. I have no idea how that will affect me as an adjunct instructor. For the first time in a long time, I have no idea what the immediate future has in store for us.
Deep breath in, deep breath out. One day at a time.
It is sad to think how hard we have worked and done without, only to find ourselves insecure at our age, while illegals and misfits have everything handed to them by the very government we have supported.

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