Friday, May 17, 2013

     Another semester has ended. I have already begun to set up the new online Writing Lab. Since the Summer Semsester is only nineteen days,  I really have to cut back on the workload of the students an myself. Classes are Monday through Thursday, noon -1:55. I will be teaching students who want to get the class over with as fast as possibe, so they take a short Summer Class. In my class, short does not mean easy. I hold my students to a high standard.
     I have the only Writing Lab set up. I will probably make a few minor changes as once the class begins, and I determine what quality of students will be in my class.
     With Pat having retired, the pressure is on for me to not spend as much time working on the Lab. I really need to open my store a few hours each week. I went up to the store tonight and cleaned the front walks and curbs. I was going to work inside for awhile, but with the air conditioner off, the temperature was entirely to hot. I can turn on the a.c. and the building will cool off rather quickly. The downside is the electric bills are set to go up on our businesses and my building already cost a lot to cool, just because of the size of the building. I have overhead fans, but they just blow hot air around in the building.
     I noticed the square was pretty dead for the time of the night. Many of the buildings were burning almost no night lights. All I burn at night are three 75 watt bulbs in the front windows when the store is closed and the bill is still high. To make matters worse, the gas bill has gone to over $35.00 a month, even with the gas turned of back at the heater. Seems especially high, since no gas is being used during he summer months.
     I think the idea way to go into the semester is to be open Friday- Sunday. I may can use the other days to be working in the closed store, which means I will need to close off the display widows. I like the idea of working in the closed store because it would allow me to work on my silver and lapidary, candles, skill saw, flamework glass beads,  stained glass, or online listing without the interruption of incoming customers who come in and stay forever..
     The next step is to set up and Pay Pal, which I am not happy about, but it seems a necessary evil. I will also begin  to work on a page for my store, including a Facebook Page. With the local economy being down and this being a small country town that pretty much rolls up the sidewalks at five pm, I need to come up with a serious plan of action. I expect I may teach the same hours the Second Summer Semester, and though I am scheduled for four classes again in the Fall, none of us know what the Fall Semester changes will bring.

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