Friday, July 12, 2013

Thinking back to peaceful moments

I am listening to a cd that I used to play in my card reading room during sessions with clients. Yes, I read Tarot Cards six days a week. I stopped when I felt I no longer needed the cards. For awhile,I answered clients questions by reading shells that I cast onto a reed tray. I stopped when I felt I no longer needed the shells. Sometimes, the guiding spirit draws people who are in need. Sometimes, that same spirit asks more than can be held in one's heart. Like a sponge that can retain only so much moisture, then it needs to be wrung out.

My card reading room has sat empty long enough. Now, the room will be used for cutting turquoise and other gems and rocks. The room will be used for handcrafting sterling silver jewelry of my designs. I remember the feeling of being one with the great Creator as I cut into an ugly rock and beheld an artistic scene painted and hidden by whatever God may be. I remember the joy as I sliced through a rock and saw what no one else had ever seen, a picture made for my eyes to behold. And knowing that cutting just a little to one side or the other could have resulted in no one ever seeing what had waited  for millions of years to be seen, well, it is such a dramatic moment in time.

I wonder how much time I have left to discover more art within the rocks of ages. The time will be spent in solitude. I think the time will be like wringing out a saturated sponge. I wonder if my eyes will be able to focus on work held so close. I wonder if the tremor in my right hand will allow me to work the gentle flow of silver solder around the delicate pieces of silver.

Perhaps the great Spirit will allow me a bit more time to be artistic and creative. I longed to draw and to paint, but those muses escaped my grasp. And yet, if called upon to counsel through the use of  cards, shells, runes, or other devices, I wonder if I can once again stand up against the ridicule of locals. If people ask out of genuine need for my counsel, can I still be willing to respond to that gentle Spirit that guides my thoughts.

Oh, Great Eagle in the Sky, guide me yet awhile.

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  1. Hmmm...deep thoughts by Ron Cearley. I pray you find your way.
    Linda Simmons


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