My Life Adentures-Late Nights

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     Actually, I do have some late night adventures. These adventures usually begin once I settle down in my bed, start reading a book, and right after I take my Ambien CR.
     I never know where my adventures will lead.  I try not to read the same book two nights in a row. I mean, I can only take so much excitement in one night, let alone two.  Tonight, I will be on the journey to Stephen King's Dark Tower. We have taken cover in an abandoned building and the weather has gone from hot to downright cold. The cold wind blows in so fast that the trees freeze and explode. The birds freeze and fall to the ground. We have a nice warm fire going and Roland is telling us stories that fascinate us.
     I just spent a couple of weeks in Tehran, Iran. I attended a meeting once a week with several nice ladies. We discussed many books that are banned in Tehran, and we share our thoughts about our lives in Tehran and what our lives might be like, if we lived elsewhere.
     Tom Sawyer and Uncle Tom's Cabin await my interest. I miss living in the south. I miss the friendly people and the beautiful scenery. I miss fishing for catfish and bass. I miss the beaches and the various waterways.
     I just finished reading about Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer. I must say, I had no idea he was such a violent person. I have the cd also. I suppose I will have to listen to it again, now that I have seen the movie. I was not impressed. I don't particularly care for all the vampire stories. On the other hand, I suppose I have to look forward to seeing that stupid Twighlight series ending movie. Yuk.
     I need to get back to the Wizard of Oz series. I am fascinated by all the worlds found throughout these series. I love Glinda, the green witch.


  1. This book about Lincoln, is it his bio mixed with fiction about vampires? I don't like vampire stuff anymore. Too much fad. Anyway, I'm interested in knowing how violent he was. I think a lot of the bad stuff about public figures, specially in politics, get lost in hush hush. He ordered the largest public hanging of Native Americans. One of them was a kid, 13 yrs old, if my memory serves me.

  2. Oh,it's total nonsense. I watched the movie. You know how it is, they slap a vampire into just about anything today. I have been more shocked at the facts that he slept with men on a regular basis. Makes Walt Whitman look rather tame. Of course, we old timers grew up with the same set of stories about how wonderful Lincoln was. We are a bit more informed these days. Most of the history that has been taught to us in schools has been mostly lies. Nothing surprises me anymore.


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