Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We could have used blankets in Chicago

I remember when we took a trip to Chicago. Actually, we went two different years, so we sort of knew what to do. We were there from December 27- January 1st both times. I know. What a dreadful time to be in Chicago. Were were there for the Modern Language Convention both times. Those short trips were our escapes from our jobs back home in community that has little to offer in the way of entertainment. The scenery here is so boring that there's not even pretty places to go walking.

I enjoy seeing on Facebook all the exciting places where my friends live and the exciting trips they take. They are so lucky to live in such beautiful places. I love the scenes of up in the hills where my Lapidary friends go hunting for rocks. The only rocks I can enjoy seeing here are the ones that I buy online.

Chicago is fantastic. We would leave the hotel and just head off toward whatever sights caught our interests. We enjoyed waking down the streets, and over the canals, and towards the fancy shopping areas. Of course, when we got down to the really upscale area, we were confronted every ten feet or so by beautiful ladies who were wearing expensive fur coats. I have to admit that really ticked me off.  Furs were just plain wrong to begin with, but the cost of those furs were really crazy. We were both dressed in our Sears coats, which we bought on sale before we left home. Back home, we really did not need heavy coats.

We walked everywhere. I remember we walked from our hotel downtown, one block from the Newspaper Building all the way out to the Field's Museum. I remember how cold we were, but we enjoyed waking in the rain, over the train tracks, and through the park, all the way down to the highway which fronts the lake. One year, we walked the sidewalk next to the lake. The ashtray pictures that exact area. Of course, the lake was frozen and ice packs were sticking up on end at least six feet high above the waterline.

The next year, we walked all the way out to the very end of the Navy Pier. We were not content to just walk through the indoor areas. Heck, no. We walked outside all the way to the end. The wind was absolutely horrible. The rain made it worse, but that was part of the experience. She walked with her hands linked around my arm. Several times, we were almost knocked down by the wind, but she did not complain.

When her final time came in Hospice at our home, she never complained. She insisted on staying on her back most of the time, except when I would trick her into letting me change her adult diapers and the bedding. I was able to sort of sneak that time on her side without her realizing it, I know that turning her over back and forth was not a fun time for her, but she never complained, not one time.

Well, it's two am. I think I will come back to this another night. I do have more I want to write about our Chicago trips, but I have stopped taking three of my antidepressants, one of which I have been on for over twenty years. I am having a problem with my blood pressure because of a thickening of the left ventricle. I understand some of the heart beats are too early, so I am concerned. I think I am really feeling the effects of coming down off the meds. I can barely get through an hour without breaking down. I have a sleep study coming up next Tuesday, then the next week is my initial visit for the upcoming third colonoscopy, then back to my doctor again. I assume the will oder and Echocardiogram at that time.

Enough of now, but I will come back to update this post again.