Sunday, April 21, 2013

First post from Samsung Chromebook

This is my first post from my new Samsung Chromebook. I am listening to music that I already had on the Google Play. The sound is really nice. So far, I am pleased with the Chromebook. the keyboard is full size and I can actually feel the keys. This is the eleven inch model, so the type is  bit small, but that can be easily adjusted. Of course, I should be wearing my glasses. The Chromebook connected immediately to my home net as soon as I give the password. My Google documents and pictures are already here. This should be a lot more fun than using the larger laptop, and the HP Netbook keyboard was too small for my fingers and the memory was not enough to work properly.
Well, it's off to Stephen King Audio Book The horror awaits.
Good night too all.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Comes what may

Comes the morning and I lose control.
People say live one day at a time.
What else can we do?
Get up and move from point A to point B.

Comes the late night and I take the meds.
People say to retire early and to get up early.
I've done that when life demanded it.
Now, I control the night.

Comes the sleep and I am in a different world.
People say dreams are but combination of our day.
I don't think so.
Dreams are unique and more exciting than my days.

Comes the end and I welcome it.
People say to look forward to heaven.
Some say I'll reside in hell.
I doubt neither will be the case.

I've been in hell; it's no big deal.
People say to live a good life.
I tried that for many years.
I think it was all a big joke.

I've been good,
And I've been bad.
Karma kicks butt,
And never stops.

Comes the next life,
I'll be a dragon.
I'll be big and green.
I'll breathe fire.

Or, perhaps a worm,
Crawling through the earth,
Eating dirt all through the day,
And pooping dirt all through the night.

And if there is a god,
We will sit and chat.
He will set me straight,
Or She will punish me yet more.

Time is a blanket,
That covers all.
All that is,
Will be no more.