Friday, March 22, 2013

There's nothing like a blanket.

     A blanket was such a welcome relief on cold nights when I was in the Marines. We were only allowed one green wool blanket. I don't remember ever having more than one blanket. It's funny that I can't remember any of us fighting over an extra blanket. I remember two sheets, but only the one blanket that covered me from head to feet. One blanket to provide protection from the cold at night. One blanket to provide a windbreak when we camped outside.
     So, why did I choose Timeblankets for the title of this blog? I see time as a living blanket that covers our existence. As I approach the last years of my life, I feel time closing in on me. Whereas in the past, I held that blanket away from my body, now  I find a feeling of protection from time. I feel time approaching me in ways that I did not recognize until recently. Time covers all heartaches, problems, and unhappiness. Time also covers all love, success, and happiness. In the end, all that we have is time. I wonder what time will be like on the other side of this earthly existence.

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