Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Open Letter to Earthlings

     I know many people assume this was a scene from a movie. In fact, this photo is from the secret files of our government. It's true. The film is based on an actual interaction between your people and my people.
     We came in peace to give you a hint about what awaits your civilization, if you do not destroy it first. Yes, we have taken many of your people up into our  Mother Ship with the goal of allowing your people to mix with species from distant parts of the universe.
     We have done this for many billions of years. Your government attempts to deny our work, but they can not be totally successful. In time, you will understand what other realities surround you day to day. You thinking is limited. You still do not understand that all you need to get around in the universe is your towel, always at the ready, and belief that anything is possible.
     And about this thing you call death. Do not fear it. You simply pass from one body to a much greater life. There is no such thing as punishment in the hereafter. You have so much to look forward to. Your minds are still limited to your childish concepts of a god. You will know the Truth when you step out of your mortal body and join the Brothers and Sister of the Light. We await you. If you can but learn to open your spiritual eyes to the  beauty around you that vibrates at different wave lengths, you may grasp moments of clarity. You must watch for synchronicity with all form of life upon your little world. Do you not realize that you are but small parts of a greater whole, which you may call the Creator, but it is so much more.
     You struggle day to day for your basic needs and wants. If you become one in love, you will be given your just needs and wants in the blink of an eye. Do you really thing that God is so trivial that he must be praised and glorified? Do you not know that He wants you to have your just needs and wants. Would you willingly deny your own family of what they truly need or even want?
     Look to the animals upon your planet. Study them. See creatures that do not feel compelled to change the world. These creatures accept the world as is. When you are ready to accept what is, then and only then, will you be ready to achiever higher states of existence.
     We see what you are doing to your people. You'd better quit it. In the blink of an eye, all that you have can be gone, transformed into something more important to the universe.
     Nanu nanu.


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