Sunday, December 23, 2012

New World-Day 2

     As we look down upon the planet Earth today, we see a world free of humanoids. Of course, most of those people have yet to realize their world has ended. Their spirits continue on as if nothing has happened. Because the Christmas season brings joy to so many of the spirits, days may pass before realization sets in.
And yet, many of the dead still cry out in hunger for physical foods, which they will never again experience. Many of the dead weep from the loss of  family and friends who have already passed away prior to the destruction of Earth. Even Santa Clause is preparing to make his yearly trip to deliver wanted gifts to people who, in many cases, deserve only a lump of coal.
     We sit on the Mother Ship and watch the ghosts of citizens of Planet Earth. Even as we watch, ignorant spirits continue to wage war and greed upon each other. Earth weeps not for the dead, but begins the process of change. The skies are clear of chem trails and pollution. The pastures are already beginning to burst forth in color. Highways are barely visible as the plant life reclaims the land. The oceans are free of humanoids' clutter. I am reminded of a flea-covered dog that has suddenly become free of the little parasites that sap away health.
     God stopped in today. He sat and looked down upon his creation and wept. He had given the people so many opportunities to right their wicked ways. But before He left, he said, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." We knew not to ask him if he considered this creation a failure. I think he was trying to encourage us to try something new. With the souls of the people once again within the pure spirit of God, we knew that God never fails. "It's a learning moment," he said as he beamed up and out of our Mother Ship, leaving us to watch over the renewal of Planet Earth and the departure of the ghosts that still have not accepted the loss of their mortal bodies.

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